Why Choose Integrative Medicine
Integrative medicine offers the best of mainstream, conventional medicine with that of holistic, more natural approaches to wellness and disease treatment. There are appropriate times to utilize either one (or both) of these therapies. Knowing how and when to safely make this decision is of utmost importance; numerous nutrients and herbs interact with pharmaceutical medications and it is the job of a well-trained integrative medical practitioner to know when and where to apply which appropriate therapeutic support.

Why would one see a Naturopathic Physician? The Naturopathic Physician (ND) is the original Integrative Medicine practitioner. An ND recieves conventional training in acute diagnosis and treatment as well as for long-term managed care in addition to natural therapeutics, for these same conditions -they have a unique advantage of therapeutic discernment in this area of medicine. Additionally, an ND sees prevention and wellness as the cornerstone of heath versus waiting for a problem to arise.
"But I live on the other side of the country -is there someone like you closer to where I live?" Yes -please see our national organization's website, the American Association of Naturopathic Physicians (AANP) and click on the "Find an ND" tab to see where the Naturopathic Physicians are in your community.
Article: How integrative medicine Can help your health:
A naturopathic doctor (or N.D.) gets Western-style medical training but also learns about botanicals, nutrition, and Eastern therapies. "It's a bit of 'buyer, beware' for this specialty," says Tracy Gaudet, executive director of Duke Integrative Medicine, in Durham, North Carolina. "There are quality, accredited programs for naturopathic medicine, but people can also get an online degree and call themselves an N.D. with very little education.’
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