Cancer Concerns Which Respond Well to Integrative Therapy
We assist individuals diagnosed with numerous forms of cancer in various stages as well those which have not responded to well to other therapies. We appropriately utilize and integrate evidence-based therapies with those of conventional medicine and work with others in your healthcare team to achieve the best possible outcome
The following is a brief list of cancer types we frequently see here at Atlanta Integrative Medicine as well as aspects of care we consider. By no means is this exhaustive; please contact the clinic directly if you have a question about a specific diagnosis or therapy not listed below.
Supportive and Integrative care for most types of cancer (Breast Cancer, Brain Cancer, Liver cancer, Colon cancer, Lung cancer, skin cancer, Bladder cancer pancreatic cancer, Lymphoma and Leukemias, etc)
Supportive care before, during and after chemotherapy and radiation therapy
Complications of therapy support
Pre and post-surgical support
Advanced diagnostic/lab procedures
Long-term support for cancer survivors
Expert integrative oncology support
EmbodiWorks is creating a better world through integrative cancer care education and advocacy to reduce cancer risk and improve cancer-related survival, quality of life, and whole person health care.
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